What’s On at The Crown

Hello and welcome to the first ever Crown Newsletter. I hope it finds you all in good spirits (we really shouldn’t be drinking the bad ones ?). As 2020 draws to a close (thankfully I hear a rather large number of you saying), I would like to reflect a little on the year we’ve had and the year to come.
We started 2020 in good spirits (gin club was great and then whiskey tasting for Burns Supper ??). I guess that’s where the slide started, by March we were in lockdown. A first for all of us and probably most of you as well. As a community we have come together through the year and shown support to a variety of causes and charity’s. We thanked the NHS on Thursdays with a little song or two courtesy of Bob and Sally Cranham and lots of clapping as well. We celebrated Winn’s 100th birthday ? with cake and music. We also remembered VE Day, thanks to Mark Sudgen-Best for the Music and the boys from the Military Show brought the tanks and jeeps and put the big gun on the driveway. It came to July (4th to be exact) and we celebrated the reopening of the pub, not quite the weather we wanted, but at least we could have a pint in the pub garden again. Social distancing of course ?. August bank holiday and a party to remember with The BBC (British Bluescasting Corporation) playing to a packed out garden. September came and we managed to have a Supper Club indoors ??yay we all cried, getting back to some sort of normal. Unfortunately we probably cheered too soon. A second lockdown loomed just before Christmas ? and this time our little village didn’t escape unharmed ☹️?. So now we end the year in tier 4 lockdown, and we start the New Year in tier 4 lockdown. The difference in that is, we can see light at the end of this long tunnel. It is faint at the moment, but as 2021 gets underway it will get brighter. The season will change and then we can get together and celebrate coming out the other side. As for us here at the pub, we want to say a huge thank you to you all for the support you have shown/given us over this year. It means a lot to us to be part of the community. An amazing community with so much heart and spirit. You help us raise over £1800 for various charity’s this year as well as twinned all three toilets and donated so many coats to help the homeless. You really all deserve a huge round of applause ? and pat yourselves on the back (social distance means we can’t do it ?). We will go into the New Year with bubbles of course and joining the Zoom Quiz. The pub will start doing silvers lunches and takeaways again from next week. And hopefully on the 18th January we will have better news on when we can reopen fully. We are looking forward to 2021 and seeing you all again, being able to have a drink with you and just to enjoy life in our little village once again without too many restrictions for the year ?. Keep safe and well, and keep getting better to those on the recovery road. Puppy Kisses Gladys Cooper Bullydog xox Oh yeah and my hoomans of course ???

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